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Ok, so many people are going on and on about Dick Grayson, so I thought I’d throw my two sense in.

Ok, so the official statement is that Bette stayed the night. But lets be real here, there is more implied. If she only stayed the night, why would she be so nervous about being the “older woman?”

The writers are brilliant at making it PG for younger viewers, but realistic for older viewers. I mean earlier in the show they have Artemis only in Wally’s track shirt while they are living together implying further relations.

Plus, we know Traught, as much as I don’t want it to be, is over. In Depths, Dick mentions Zatana and Wally smirks, but we find in the comic that Nightwing manages to stay friends with all of his Ex’s.

So, we kind of see that she is his ex. Though, now that begs the question is Raquel an Ex? And what about Batgirl’s smirk? Is she an ex, dating him, or simply making fun of her old friend?

Well, that’s all I have to say about it. Your thoughts?

Edit: I didn’t mean traught, sorry! I was distracted by my friend. I meant Dick and Zatanna’s ship. Sorry about the confusion.